Summer German courses in Warsaw – einfach so!

Summer German courses in Warsaw

First thing that comes to mind when we think of summer is that long-awaited holiday. Apart from leisure summer is also great time for your personal development. Many see this a great opportunity to learn new skills or to put what you already know to practice. If you’re looking for a productive way of spending that time our summer German courses in Warsaw give you chance to begin your journey of learning a new language or take it to next level!

1. Organization:
Summer German course takes 32 teaching hours. We organize classes in groups of 3-4 students, 2 times a week for 180 minutes or 3 times a week for 120 minutes. We are for you from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.

2. Teaching resources:
We use the leading textbooks for learning German published by Cornelsen and Schubert. We provide contact with a living language by working on materials from the German press and television, we also provide our own materials.

3. Duration:
Summer German courses last circa 4 weeks.

General course

Perfect for those who wish to learn German for everyday use. Classes focus on four key language skills. Immersion method is used so that every student needs to use all his knowledge.

Business course

This course was designed having professionals in mind. Business vocabulary is a priority. Perfect if you intend to quickly improve your German language skills in work environment.

Certificate preparation

A comprehensive program that will prepare you for a prestigious certificate exam. All crucial skills are covered speaking, writing, active listening and reading. Extensive grammar and vocabulary learning guaranteed. This type of courses is available for B1 to B2 level students.

Near the nature

If the weather is good, we offer our students to study outdoors – after all, there is a summer! We pack the blanket, the most necessary teaching resources, cold drinks, some snacks and meet at an agreed place to learn German in a pleasant atmosphere.

Summer German course – am I crazy enough to go for it?

The summer period is primarily a time for taking a well-deserved rest and resetting your mind and body after a hard and busy year at work. For many people, the summer months are a long-anticipated time when you can finally take up activities for which you haven’t had time so far due to the overwhelming number of your family or business-related commitments. Some decide to rest in the true sense of the word, whereas others look for additional work. Finally, there are also those who enroll on summer German courses in Warsaw.

Although the prospect of spending the summer somewhere at the beach seems really attractive, there are also some other options worth considering, for example, you can take advantage of the summer time to gain new experiences and competences that may prove to be crucial for both your personal life and career development in the coming year. So, if you are determined to move to one of the German-speaking countries in the near future, taking a summer German course may be a shot in the bullseye.

Four weeks of learning at a breathtaking pace

Learning German is said to be a process that needs to take months or years. Indeed, no one has yet learned a foreign language in a week or two. In addition, if you acquire knowledge at a too fast pace and fail to systematize it sufficiently, you are likely to forget what you have learned.

Similar concerns are often expressed in the context of summer German courses, which last only 4 weeks. You might think that it can’t be enough time to memorize anything or gain real benefits from participating in such classes.

Are these concerns justified? Let as reassure you that they aren’t! Four weeks of a summer German course is an optimal period of time to take a run-up before the start of the next semester, to review necessary information before an important exam or going abroad or just to catch up if that’s necessary. Systematic learning, an experienced teacher and commitment on the part of the student guarantee that what you learn during an accelerated summer German course will not be forgotten!

Is it a good idea to study in the summer?

For some reason, it is in the summer that many people tend to travel most often. Sometimes you simply decide to enjoy excellent weather during a walk in the park, other times you travel to interesting places, more and more often located abroad.

Germany may be the first country to cross your mind if you feel like doing some sightseeing. If you are a ski lover, you might know that Austria is a perfect holiday destination. When it comes to Switzerland, you can be sure to find lots of picturesque towns and breathtaking Alpine landscapes there. The three countries mentioned above are relatively close to Poland and in all of them people speak German. That is why summer German courses are an extremely popular choice: first you learn intensively for four weeks and then off you go to a place where you can practice what you have learned.

As you can see, summer is directly related to travelling and travelling, which in turn always goes along with visiting new places and striking up new friendships. It’s advisable to prepare yourself for them during a summer German course and at least pick up a smattering of German. Because what we want to avoid most is embarrassed silence over a cup of coffee. You probably would also like to make sure that you are able to ask a local about the way to the nearest shop in case you run out of sandwiches or peanuts, for example.

Save your time and money!

Achieving the same effects but faster and cheaper sounds good, doesn’t it? This is what summer German courses in Warsaw are about, because within just four weeks you learn the contents equivalent to the knowledge you would normally obtain within one semester. And the good news is that you only pay for the four weeks and not for half a year as it is with semester-based courses.

The time is a really important factor. Many people normally don’t have enough time to enroll on a language course, although they do feel that it would be a valuable activity for them. In the summer, however, we often feel that we have less commitments and obligations. As a consequence, you can make the most of the warm months and improve the value of the summer by taking a quick, 4-week long German language course without running the risk of ruining your daily routine. Well-organized summer German courses can surely be called the least taxing form of learning.

Summer German course – summary

Summer German courses are a productive way of spending free time in great company and over a cup of delicious coffee. You can treat them as a form of investment in yourself that will certainly return in the near future. You can benefit from such courses in many ways – you can repeat the learning content before the next semester, start to learn from scratch, prepare for a certification exam, immerse yourself in the particularities of business German or simply catch up! If any of these options happens to appeal to you, don’t hesitate and sign up for a summer German course and invest in yourself. It’s as simple as that.