Polish language courses for foreigners in Warsaw – einfach so!

Polish language courses for foreigners in Warsaw

Today’s world is particularly conducive to travelling and more and more foreigners looking for an interesting destination take Poland into account. Do you happen to be new in Poland and want to speak Polish without difficulty? Maybe you are considering studies at a Polish university or planning to find a job here? Or you simply have a lot of friends from Poland and think it would be nice to learn some useful expressions? Each of these motivations is good to start a Polish language course for foreigners with einfach so! in Warsaw or online!

Working with a personal teacher face to face is surely the most effective form of learning a foreign language. The teacher concentrates solely on you: on developing your skills and achieving your goal with you. The additional advantage of this form of learning is the flexibility in choosing the time and the intensiveness of the lessons – it is up to you how often and when you want to learn.

1. Organization:
These classes are individual. We teach from scratch and organize lessons as often as you need. We are for you from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.

2. Teaching resources:
We use checked, carefully developed textbooks to learn Polish for foreigners. We rely on materials signed by the publisher Prolog, Universitas, Harper Collins and Routledge.

Online classes

The most convenient option – no commuting hassle and comfort of learning wherever you wish!

In-house classes

All our locations are modern scyscrapers in the center of Warsaw.

What makes our Polish language courses for foreigners in Warsaw special?

We put practice first. Our teachers will not bore you with long vocabulary lists. Instead, they will encourage you to learn the expressions which are particularly useful in everyday situations, such as a dinner in a restaurant, shopping or getting lost somewhere in the city.

We motivate students to achieve their goals. We understand that strong motivation is the basis for success and every action must have its result. Do you need Polish for your job? Do you want to use it for social purposes? And maybe it is just basic communication during a holiday trip that you need? No matter what your goal is, with us you will be able to achieve it!

We teach from scratch. If you have not had any contact with the Polish language so far, you are at the right place! You can learn from scratch, starting from the A1-level, and you will not have to wait long for the first effects.

We ensure full flexibility. We understand that time is a scarce resource these days, that is why we do not arbitrarily impose times or dates of lessons on our students. It is you who chooses how often and when you want to learn. It is up to you as well where you want to meet with the teacher. You can choose between one of our locations, a course at your place and online lessons!

We treat each course individually. You do not need to worry that at einfach so! you will have to follow a typical educational program like everywhere else. In our Polish language courses for foreigners, we adjust the program to you considering your needs, goals, preferences, interests and knowledge.

Learn useful things instead of theory!

Nobody has ever invented a language just for the purpose of learning it, repeating vocabulary or writing tests. The main reason for which languages are used is communication and it is the possibility to communicate with others that also motivates our foreign students to start Polish language courses for foreigners in Warsaw.

You can only learn a language if you use it in practice and give it a chance to become the background of the whole learning process. Learning foreign languages is for adults somewhat like learning to swim for children – it can be really difficult unless you go deep enough.

So? If you want to learn Polish, it is crucial for you to have contact with it and see clearly in which situations you will be able to use it effectively. In our Polish language courses for foreigners at einfach so!, we particularly focus on understanding spoken and written language, learning useful words and grammar and practicing various situational dialogues.

Define your goals and achieve them with einfach so!

In our foreign language school we understand both the role of our students’ MOTIVATION which made them start learning and the GOAL they are pursuing. Learning Polish will be the more effective, the more skillfully the teacher will be able to keep the motivation of their students on a high level and show them how their progress is bringing them closer to their goals.

Why have you signed up for a Polish language course for foreigners? What is your attitude towards learning foreign languages? How fast would you like to master the determined scope of material and in which sphere of your life will Polish be useful for you? All these questions are very important to us. Without answering them it will be difficult to find the right motivation and define a goal. Our teachers are here also to help you find the right answers and to support you in achieving your goals!