General German language courses in Warsaw – einfach so!

General German language courses in Warsaw

Our general German language courses have enjoyed unflagging popularity for many years now. This programme allows you to learn German systematically over the entire semester. The aim of the general German language courses is to achieve your dream level of German at an optimal standard pace. We conduct all general German language courses by using the immersion method.

1. Organization:
Our general German language courses number 50 teaching hours and we organize them in small groups of 3-4 people each. The exceptions are classes held in groups of 2 students – they are assumed to last 40 teaching hours. We typically teach twice a week, 90 minutes or once a week, 180 minutes per meeting. We are available for you Mondays to Saturdays, from morning until late evening.

2. Teaching resources:
In our daily work we use the leading-edge German textbooks published by Cornelsen and LektorKlett. Having regard to the individual preferences and interests of our course participants, we also implement our own proprietary educational materials.

3. Duration:
General German language courses last circa 12,5 weeks.

Very small groups

Learning a language in groups is really great, but only provided that the groups are not too big. We know it well, so we only create groups that are conducive to effective learning. As a school, our prime focus lies in quality, not quantity.

Language immersion method

Our brain knows best how to learn new languages ​​most efficiently. The immersion method therefore uses the same mechanisms that we use as children to learn our mother tongue from scratch.

Online classes

The most convenient option – no commuting hassle and comfort of learning wherever you wish!


In-house classes

All our locations are modern scyscrapers in the center of Warsaw.

Why choose general German language courses?

In our general German language courses we teach all four language skills, that is speaking, reading, writing and listening. We address them to people who want to easily communicate in German at work, in private life as well as while travelling abroad. Since the subject matter is spread out over a single semester, a general German language course is a perfect educational model for people who work or study full time.

Our semester-based courses are held in three locations in Warsaw. The groups consist of only a small number of participants. You can choose between a group of 3-4 or only 2 persons. This distinguishing feature of our courses makes learning German highly effective. Small groups offer a particular advantage to participants at lower proficiency levels, who are more likely to be afraid of speaking in a language they do not know well yet. In a small group it is easier to break the language barrier and start speaking.

Language immersion method – what is going on?

At einfach so! we speak only German, also at less advanced levels. As a result, our clients are immersed in the foreign language from the very beginning and learn it in the most natural way. They feel the need to communicate but cannot take shortcuts using their mother tongue.

In such a system you will very often have to “go around” a word that you do not know in German by explaining it with other words that you have already mastered. After several dozen minutes of such learning, you will probably have the impression that you have just been abroad and not in a classroom in Warsaw.

The immersion method is closest to the way you acquired communication skills in your mother tongue as a child. Your brain is already familiar with this method of learning and knows how to acquire new knowledge in this way.  Additionally, you can apply the immersion method not only during our general German language courses, but also while watching films and reading books in German or… using a computer or smartphone, provided that you take a while to change the menu language to German.

Find out how good your German is!

It is very difficult to spontaneously assess your level of German on your own. Is it A2, B1, advanced B2 or maybe even C1? Identifying your level of German is the key to choosing the most suitable course. Our general German language courses comprise all levels of proficiency, so we recommend taking our German level test available on our website before enrolling in a specific course.

The test is certainly worth taking. It will allow us to ensure that you start learning in a suitable group with persons who speak German at a similar level of advancement. If you joined a group dealing with things you have mastered long ago, you would be bored to death after just a few meetings. If it were a group at a level much higher than yours, the volume of the subject matter to master could be problematic and simply discourage you from learning.

To make sure that neither of these situations will occur, we also encourage you to talk to our methodologist before the start of your first semester-based course. Consequently, your general German language course at einfach so! will be a pleasant and gripping experience that won’t make you feel overloaded no matter what your starting level is.

General German language course – summary

At the end of any general German language course, we give the course participants a final exam. This is how we check the progress that each participant has made. After completing a general course, our clients see that they have made considerable progress in German. They have broadened their vocabulary, learned grammar rules and practiced all of this by speaking only German during classes. They are also ready to pass all language exams without any problems, including the extended school leaving exam in German.

General German language courses in our small groups in Warsaw offer plenty of opportunity to speak German. With us you will break the language barrier, understand grammar and pass any exam in German!