German conversation courses in Warsaw – einfach so!

German conversation courses in Warsaw

German conversation courses are among our most popular learning paths as they focus on the crucial skill when it comes to practical usage of a foreign language – speaking with confidence. They are perfect for both advanced learners as well as A2 level novices. In small-sized and cozy classes of 2-4 students everyone takes active part in the discussions while teachers are able to identify strong suits and blind spots of every student. This leads to using resources most suitable for the group and matching interests of the students.

1. Organization:
German conversation course takes 20 teaching hours. We organize classes in groups of 2-4 students, once a week for 90 minutes. We are for you from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.

2. Teaching resources:
We provide contact with a living language – we initiate discussions on current materials from the German press and television. We also prepare our own training materials and adapt the subject of the classes to the interests of the students. 

3. Duration:
German conversation courses last circa 10 weeks.

Basic level A2-B1

For A2-B1 level students classes are simply live discussions. Learning of grammar is included as well. Students expand their vocabulary and practice spoken German resulting in even greater confidence at it.

Advanced level B2-C1

At this level of proficiency various text available online or major press releases are used as a basis for each class. Students discuss topic related to areas such as economy, commerce or social sciences.

German conversation courses in Warsaw – focus on practice

Foreign languages are all about communication. After all, this is why we learn them, right? To be able to communicate with other people! Our German conversation courses are primarily focused on communication and perfectly complement standard learning. Additionally, they’re a tried-and-true method of coming out of your shell after a longer break from speaking German. They can also help you overcome your fear of speaking out.

A course like this can either constitute the core of your German learning process or it can be a valuable supplement to a standard language course. Because you know, even in an outstanding general German language course, it wouldn’t be possible to create as many opportunities for discussion between students as in our German conversation courses.

Do I have to become a master of theory to start speaking?

Of course not! Many people learning a foreign language wrongly believe that they first need to master enough theoretical knowledge to be able to use the language in practice without some kind of embarrassment or the overwhelming fear of making mistakes. Our German conversation courses in Warsaw provide you with an excellent opportunity to prove such fears unreasonable and start speaking regardless of your advancement level. Effective basic communication is possible as early as from the A2 level!

Practice-oriented classes are often chosen by fluent German speakers in order to maintain their proficiency level or expand their vocabulary. However, this form of learning is increasingly popular among learners at earlier stages, too!

German conversation courses in Warsaw – what are they actually?

German conversation courses for the levels A2-B1 additionally include some grammar aspects so that the participants can not only expand their vocab and become more confident in their ability to speak freely but also memorize grammar rules.  At the levels B2-C1, German conversation courses are based on various articles from German websites as well as popular and opinion-forming newspapers. They address current topics related to economy, politics, social life etc. People interested in culture (broadly defined) can also be sure to find something for themselves!

Learning effectively by... speaking!

Whenever you are abroad for a long time, you kind of switch to a foreign language be it German, English or any other. The language you use to communicate with people you meet on your way becomes something you stop thinking about. As a result, it is much easier for your brain to memorize new words or grammar rules, and, which is particularly important, place things you have just learned in an interesting and appropriate context. Consequently, if you learn this way, the language becomes a more “natural” form of communication for you and remains in your memory for long even if you take a break from using it for some time.

And this is exactly why German conversation courses are so effective. Held in a relaxed atmosphere and free from stress and assessment, they are based on using a foreign language in practice and setting each new information in a proper context.

German conversation course – summary

The distinctive feature of German conversation courses at einfach so! is that you learn in a pleasant atmosphere in a small group of people and the classes are run by an experienced teacher being a graduate in linguistics. You can take a German conversation course at our place or online, it is only 5 weeks long but we can extend it from 20 to 30 lesson units, if you like. On the one hand, it’s not a long-term commitment, on the other hand, you have enough time to build-up your self-confidence, start using German in practice and reduce your fear of speaking out.

We particularly recommend our practice-oriented German conversation courses to more advanced learners (B2-C1). However, a German conversation course can also be an interesting alternative for A2-B1 learners as well as for all those who attend a general language course. No matter how long you’ve been learning German, it’s a good idea to speak it regularly in the presence of a professional teacher, who can give you some advice or correct you if necessary. Communication is a kind of art and there is always some room for improvement.