The German language school in Warsaw – einfach so!

The German language school in Warsaw

The German language school in Warsaw is a place where we strive to teach German to students of all ages, from all over the world, and impart knowledge about the culture and realities of life in German-speaking countries. We realize that today we need an innovative and practical approach to teaching a foreign language, especially German. And particularly at a time when knowledge of English is no longer unusual. Therefore, we want our activity around teaching German in Warsaw to be a response to the growing market demands and the first step towards disseminating a modern, neurodidactic approach supporting a practical transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of teaching.

German in Warsaw – our vision

To us, German in Warsaw is definitely something more than just another foreign language to be added into your CV. We have been teaching it professionally since 2011, and we traditionally started with… tutoring pupils and students. Over time, we have become a large German language school in Warsaw and it happened the moment we understood how strong the demand for learning German in Warsaw with the aid of modern and various methods was, and still is. We wanted to realistically teach in a way that would take into account not only the latest knowledge about the functioning of the human brain, but also how a specific person, not an average and usually impersonal course participant, learns German.

As the world is constantly changing, the lines between languages are becoming naturally blurred. As the German language school in Warsaw, we clearly discern this growing need for international communication where the knowledge of only one foreign language will no longer be sufficient. The proper response to the current market requirements is precisely the German language and such teaching methods as are necessary to support the natural development of the learner’s competences in a pleasant, effective and viable way in the long run.

What do we strive for as the German language school?

As the German language school in Warsaw – for taking the quality of foreign language teaching to a whole new level. As people who have been in love with German for years – for popularising it and changing the negative connotations related to its stereotypization. We work tirelessly to ensure that German in Warsaw is no longer perceived as something difficult, jarring and disturbing in reception. Current global trends clearly indicate that German is the language of the future applicable in the field of international business, modern science, international cooperation, innovation and development!

Szkoła języka niemieckiego Warszawa – Ewelina, Iwona i Joanna

German in Warsaw – our mission

The German language school in Warsaw exists to provide you with substantive learning support. We do our utmost to motivate our dear Clients to further development and to promote knowledge of the German language wherever it can help someone spread their wings in the desired direction. We want to teach, raise awareness, constantly grow as language trainers and be an essential part of the personal success for everyone who put their trust in us and came to study German in Warsaw with us.

Departing from the old-fashioned and a bit outdated foreign language teaching model, which we probably all know from school, is just as important to us as the mere dissemination of knowledge about German. As the German language school in Warsaw focusing on the effectiveness and enjoyment of learning as a process in the first place, we stand for and prioritize a neurodidactic approach, which means we teach German similarly to the way the human brain naturally learns and develops, according to the latest scientific knowledge.

What drives us in our everyday work?

There is nothing more motivating than the awareness that another Client has achieved his or her goals with us, that they have learned German in Warsaw at the perfect level and become convinced that learning as a process really does not have to be boring, difficult and strenuous. Observing how the public perception of German has been changing over the months and years as well as how more and more people recognize the need to interact with it, gives us great satisfaction and makes us, as the German language school in Warsaw, constantly develop and do our best and even more in this area!

German in Warsaw – new opportunities

The decision to start learning at the German language school in Warsaw is a sound investment in yourself, and as such it will always be profitable to you. The money invested in a structured German language course or individual classes has a way of paying for itself in the form of priceless values being experiences, emotions as well as numerous new development opportunities. So what exactly do we mean by this?

Career progression. To use foreign languages freely in our everyday lives is nowadays the absolute essentials for professional development, and international communication simply serves as the standard fully recognized worldwide. In order to get a dream position in a reputable company or a desired promotion, it is not enough just to be an expert in your narrow specialization. You also got to have a knack for being able to work effectively in an international work environment.

Better quality of life. Let’s face it – better work means better earnings, and these in turn translate into better quality of life. It is completely different when you do not have to choose between the development of your passions and interests and the costly repair of the car you need every day. Life is not all about money, as they say, but on the other hand it allows you to experience things, get to know them and simply live by your own laws.

Access to cultural works. When we do not know the language too well, we are automatically limited to the content someone translated into Polish for us. This applies both to entertainment content, such as movies and series, but also valuable knowledge in the form of scientific articles or current events from the world. Fortunately, by the year more and more cultural works get translated into our mother tongue, but they still seem to be a very limited set of selected collections.

New paths of development. As usual, the farther you go, the more complicated things become. And the farther one dives into their personal development, the more areas will they notice that require further exploration from every possible angle. Learning another foreign language is wonderful in itself, but it also represents the most effective means of “opening new doors” to knowledge and skills we can easily gain, which in turn may prove to be crucial in our professional or private life later on.

A world without borders. Knowledge of foreign languages allows us to experience the world fully, without any communication or language barriers. We can meet people and establish inspiring, deep relationships. We can travel the world and feel at ease wherever we want to stay for a little bit longer. And we definitely can do much more than this – provided, of course, that we speak the languages and use them freely.

We are the German language school in Warsaw which aims to show you all these possibilities. Our purpose is to awaken your curiosity about the world, strengthen your will to work on your competences and raise the need for personal development, and finally guide you through the entire process of learning German so that it is not just another set of boring lessons, but a wonderful adventure worth every bit of the effort and expense.



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