One-to-one German courses in Warsaw – einfach so!

One-to-one German courses in Warsaw

One-to-one German courses in Warsaw are at the foundation of our school. Personal tuition is certainly one of the most efficient way to learn a foreign language. Teacher can focus only on your abilities and goals providing fully individualized learning path. Another option to consider is studying in a group of two. Hand-in-hand with a friend you will master German language in no time!

Do you still wonder whether one-to-one German course is the best choice? Come to the trial lesson!

1. Organization:
We run one-to-one German courses for one student or in a group of 2 people. We organize classes as often as you need – we are for you from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.

2. Teaching resources:
Most often we rely on the textbooks from the publisher LektorKlett and Cornelsen, but all materials are carefully selected to the level and needs of the student. We also prepare our original training materials.

Individual learning

One-to-one classes are probably the most effective form of structured language learning. The teacher can devote their full attention to the learner and adjust the curriculum as much as it’s possible.

Learning with a friend

When two learners take part in a one-to-one German course, there is a space for more lively discussions and situational dialogues in German – and you divide the same price of the whole course in half!

One-to-one German courses – approach based on precision?

Lessons, in which the teacher can devote all their attention to one learner, usually bring about the desired effect very quickly. In such a situation, you learn German intensively and concentrate maximally on the issues you are dealing with. Your teacher can react to your mistakes, which are absolutely natural in the process of learning foreign languages, much faster. In addition, they can devote enough time to subjects that are particularly difficult for you, for example, some complicated grammatical structures or confusing idioms. This is probably where the major advantage of one-to-one German courses over other methods of foreign language learning lies.

Learning German in a group of two offers similar advantages. The teacher can firmly focus their attention on the two learners and together they can practice the knowledge they have just acquired. In other words, it is a one-to-one German course in Warsaw extended to include social interactions in German.

Learning one-to-one with a teacher versus in a group

Anyone who has learned German at school in a class of 30 (or more) people knows how ineffective the learning process might be and, as a consequence, how much learning content you might be forced to deal with at home on your own. The reason for this is the size of the group. In such a wide group, no matter how excellent a German teacher is at dividing their attention, it is not possible to devote enough of it to each student in a 45-minute school lesson. Overcrowded learning groups are the reason why students have problems understanding grammatical structures or complex phrases or idioms, the meaning of which remains a puzzle for them.

One-to-one German courses or lessons in a group of 2 are perfect for anyone who wants to master German relatively quickly. The effectiveness of this form of learning is due to the fact that the student can adjust the length of the lesson as well as the place and time of the meetings to their own needs, in order to feel as comfortable as possible and make the most of the time they spend with the teacher.

Learning German from scratch – the fewer people the better

The fewer people in the group, the better for each learner. If you have just started your adventure with the German language, it is particularly important that you quickly receive a satisfactory answer to each question regarding the foreign language you are learning and that a competent teacher provides you with a detailed explanation of any new subject discussed during the course.

This is because during the first weeks of learning, it is exceptionally easy to get used to repeating the same mistakes that may not have been immediately noticed and corrected by the teacher. Habit is said to be second nature – the saying really turns out to be true when it comes to learning foreign languages.

One-to-one German courses in Warsaw and courses for a group of only two are, above all, an opportunity to make the most of the time that you spend with the teacher during the lessons. They also allow the teacher to get to know the course participant or participants better and, considering their proficiency level, prepare for the next lessons materials and topics that are both interesting and useful for them.

One-to-one or with a partner?

This is a question everyone must find their own answer to because it depends on the person’s individual needs, goals and preferences. Many people decide to start a one-to-one German course with a friend because you feel safer this way. In addition, your motivation for regular learning increases with time because you can practice together and discuss some difficult subjects over a cup of your favorite coffee.

The price of an one-to-one German course is also an important factor. In a group of two, it is simply cheaper and the course is more or less the same as individual classes. You learn together, have the opportunity to practice your new language skills with a partner and, in addition to that, you share the price of the course between the two of you!

One-to-one German course – summary

At the first meeting, the teacher assesses the learner’s skills and adjusts the level and pace of learning accordingly. Then, they select appropriate textbooks and prepare their own materials. During the interview, the student indicates what they would like to focus on in particular and whether they want to learn German from scratch, prepare for a certificate or maybe finally break the language barrier and gain the ability to speak freely. A one-to-one German course in Warsaw is about learning the way you wish, so you will not have to wait long for the results.