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Online German courses (Zoom, LangLion or Skype)

Online German courses are unmatched in terms of flexibility. In case you’re unable to attend classes in person or simply want to avoid commuting hassle then these courses are perfect for you. At einfach so! we have a long history of Skype classes with student from countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Norway. This way new technology can be put to use in learning German whenever you wish.

Our online German courses can be accessed via Zoom, LangLion or Skype. It’s completely up to you.

1. Organization:
The couch at home, hammock on the balcony, pier on the lake… you can take any of our online German courses – whenever and wherever you want!

2. Teaching resources:
We use the appropriate textbooks and additional teaching resources depending on which of our German courses you want to take in online form.

Endless possibilities

You can take all of our courses in online form. Individual, group, general or specialist classes – you choose.

Zoom, LangLion and Skype

We teach on all three of the most popular online course organizing platforms. Which one do you feel most comfortable with?

Endless possibilities opening up thanks to German online

In the 21st century, you can hardly talk about modern education without considering all the possibilities that open up thanks to the commonly available Internet and the communication technologies it offers. Nowadays, you work more and live faster than before, but paradoxically, you seem to have less time for yourself and each day seems too short to handle everything you would like to.

Online German courses are the solution to the common problem of constant lack of time. The lessons are provided via educational platforms and online telecommunications applications, so you can take your German language course home, on a business trip, on a holiday abroad or to your favorite coffee shop. You can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet!

Does it make sense to learn German online?

Why shouldn’t it? Today you are successful at doing lots of things online, for example, learning your school subjects, communicating with friends, shopping, booking hotels for your vacation and even dating and finding the love of your life.

Of course, learning German requires contact with another person for speaking and practicing. There are some grammar rules that need to be explained and to make progress you need to expand your vocabulary and learn various useful phrases. But the good news is that you can achieve all these things using an online telecommunications application and you can do it in an online German course as effectively as in a face-to-face course held at our place.

All you need is some enthusiasm, a strong motivation and an Internet connection. Thanks to these factors you will easily notice that learning online in no way worse than traditional education. With us you will see how easy it is to challenge the stereotype about the ineffectiveness of online learning.

All the courses we offer – no matter where you are

Naturally, all the courses we offer are available online too, and you can switch to online learning regardless of your proficiency level. At einfach so! we believe that our customers know best what they need to put their plans into effect and develop their career, that is why we provide you with an array of options and it is you who decides on the form and scope of our cooperation.

There are a number of reasons why our customers choose online German courses. Maybe, sitting on your own sofa, you will feel more comfortable chatting with other course participants? Can it be that you would finally like to master some business vocabulary but you can’t show up in our school due to frequent business trips? Or maybe you simply don’t want to waste your time traveling back and forth? Thanks to the online German courses you can make your life a bit easier and consequently work towards your goals. Why not give it a try?

The advantages of online German lessons

By taking online German courses, you will not only learn to speak freely in German, but also practice listening comprehension using a selected telecommunications application. Thanks to an experience like this, you won’t run into any difficulty whenever you’ll need to make a phone call in German or participate in a video conference with business partners from abroad.

Another thing is the laid-back atmosphere in a course where it is the participants who choose the most comfortable place for themselves to take the class. Could it be the comfortable sofa in your living room? Or maybe a hammock on your balcony? How about a pier at a lake? You can arrange a learning area for yourself wherever you want. You might be surprised to find out how immensely the effectiveness of your effort is impacted by your emotions and the things that surround you when you are learning.

Online German course – summary

We provide online German courses via the following platforms and telecommunications applications – Zoom, LangLion or Skype. All these tools are very intuitive and user-friendly, so you will be able to use them even if you’ve never happened to hear about them. If needed, we can also arrange a meeting using a different communication tool, Messenger, for example, which also offers free videocalls. Online German courses provide an easy way to learn the language with the minimum amount of time and effort possible. The learning process will be perfectly adjusted to your needs. We will share our knowledge with you and help you develop your skills and it’s up to you where and when you want to learn!