Business German courses in Warsaw – einfach so!

Business German courses in Warsaw

German-speaking countries are becoming an increasingly common direction of economic migration of Poles. They offer not only attractive earnings in euros, but also many dynamic career development prospects in business. Business Deutsch, our business German courses based in Warsaw, is a proposal primarily for those wanting to develop professionally abroad or in cooperation with foreign partners.

1. Organization:
Our Business Deutsch courses number 50 teaching hours and the Wirtschaftsdeutsch programme 40 teaching hours. Classes are typically held ​twice a week, 90 minutes each or once a week, 180 minutes per meeting. We are available for you Mondays to Saturdays, from morning until late evening.

2. Teaching resources:
We use proven and carefully developed textbooks for learning German in business published by LektorKlett and Cornelsen as well as our own numerous proprietary educational materials compiled by our practitioners.

3. Duration:
Business German courses last circa 12,5 weeks.

Business Deutsch A1-B1

This programme helps shape the four skills of language learning being speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension. It is primarily targeted at people who want to focus on business German from the very beginning.

Business Deutsch B1-B2

This is a complementary course for those who want to enhance their industry-related vocabulary in the fields of economics, finance, marketing, and more. The knowledge acquired during the course will also be crucial while working with German-speaking business partners or when taking up a position abroad.

Wirtschaftsdeutsch C1

The focus of our advanced Wirtschaftsdeutsch course lies primarily on business-related vocabulary and free communication in the work environment. Its thematic scope includes trade, economics, finance and marketing. The main goal of the course is to achieve effective communication in professional life as well as to prepare our participants for the PWD (International Business German Examination).

Classes with practitioners

Our business German courses are not only about learning specialized words and phrases or grammar present in professional communication. Among other things, they will also enable you to get to know the culture and business environment in Germany as well as to directly draw on the experience of our teachers who spent many years working abroad themselves.

Making business in German – why are the basics not enough?

Each industry has its own specialized vocabulary that you will not happen to learn in general, non-business-oriented classes. Business German includes numerous idioms, official phrases used in forms and correspondence with authorities and business organizations as well as the fluency in making phone calls and last but not least – German small talk!

Business German courses provide a comprehensive preparation for all more or less standard situations that you may encounter while working abroad. It is truly important that you can introduce yourself and greet your new foreign friend in German, but it is even more important that you are able to take the floor during a business conference or brainstorm in a German-speaking company. In the business German courses at our school, you will be able to practice all these situations in order to be fully prepared for professional challenges.

The PWD exam – when and for whom?

Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International (PWD) is an exam confirming advanced knowledge of German at the C1 level with particular emphasis on business and economic issues. Due to the high level of qualifications required to pass this exam, a certificate confirming this achievement is highly appreciated by international corporations and employers around the world. The exam requires solid preparation in the form of either a business German course or independent training.

The exam verifies the ability to read and understand a specialized text, to professionally draw up official correspondence, listen to and understand longer messages, talk to customers and business partners as well as introduce and express yourself. The PWD exam consists of a written part, which lasts 180 minutes and is carried out in groups, and a 20-minute individual interview with the examiner.

The form of the PWD exam was developed by the Goethe-Institut, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Carl Duisberg Centers. Although it is one of the most difficult exams testing business German language proficiency, it is definitely worth sitting because if you pass it, you will hold a certificate of advanced knowledge of the German language with particular emphasis on the business environment. Moreover, a certificate of a completed Business German course will additionally prove your strong commitment to increasing your competences as a candidate for a position in a German-speaking company.

Business German courses and working abroad

German-speaking countries more and more often turn out to be a bull’s eye when it comes to Poles’ decisions about career development. It also turns out that the knowledge of business German is gaining importance, since it significantly increases the candidate’s chances of being offered the position of their dreams.

The authors of the report “Employment and earnings in Europe 2019. Polish specialists abroad” indicate that as much as 64.6 percent of the employers who recruited via the portal required knowledge of German from their potential employees.

Moreover, the same research has shown that working in German-speaking countries simply pays off, with the average monthly remuneration offered by employers in Switzerland in 2019 amounting to EUR 4,985 gross, followed by EUR 2,235 gross in Austria and EUR 1,975 gross in Germany. It is also noteworthy that employees who can speak business German at a higher level are more in demand on the labor market. In consequence, they can count on much higher salaries and favorable employment conditions abroad. The best they can do before leaving Poland is acquire the necessary skills during business German courses in Warsaw.

Business German course – summary

Business German courses in Warsaw called Business Deutsch are addressed to people who are serious about developing their career abroad or in cooperation with foreign partners. Our business-oriented educational program is maximally focused on the business environment and related language competences and foregrounds practice as well as boosting your professional self-confidence through the aware development of your communication skills in German.

Although there are many opportunities for professional development on the labor market in Poland, it is a good idea to look further and not to limit yourself just because of the language barrier. If you want to win your dream job abroad or develop your business and establish international cooperation, take the first step and improve your communication skills. In our business German course, we will provide you with knowledge and skills, you will take advantage of them in practice!