Intensive German courses in Warsaw – einfach so!

Intensive German courses in Warsaw

Expecting best results within short period of time? Then our intensive German courses in Warsaw offer the perfect solution for your goals. This program is designed for those who need learn German as quickly as possible, catch up on their learning or consolidate their knowledge at given proficiency level. 4 weeks of super intensive study that covers all for key language skills!

Intensive German courses in Warsaw are available only once at least 3 students are interested.

1. Organization:
Intensive German course takes 32 teaching hours. We organize classes in groups of 3-4 students, 2 times a week for 180 minutes. We are for you from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening.

2. Teaching resources:
We use the leading textbooks for learning German from the publisher Cornelsen, and we also prepare original training materials taking into account the preferences and interests of the students.

3. Duration:
Intensive German courses last circa 4 weeks.

Online classes

The most convenient option – no commuting hassle and comfort of learning wherever you wish!

In-house classes

All our locations are modern scyscrapers in the center of Warsaw.

Learning German intensively – is it like cramming before an exam?

Have you ever been forced to absorb large volumes of information in a short amount of time to prepare yourself for upcoming exams? The practice of learning intensively just before an exam is due is called cramming. The main goal is to absorb information before taking a test and once you’ve handed in your exam paper you can forget all the knowledge you’ve learned at a furious pace.

You might think that similar principles apply to intensive German courses because they are just four weeks long, right? Yes, our intensive German courses are only one month long but they have nothing to do with cramming. We believe that our intensive method of learning is an ideal solution for anyone wishing to quickly start their adventure with German or to systematize the knowledge they’ve already acquired. During an intensive German course, you swiftly recall vocabulary you haven’t used for some time and learn new words and grammar, as well as practice speaking freely.

How much can you memorize within just four weeks?

One month is certainly not enough to achieve one complete level of proficiency in German if you are starting from scratch. However, it is enough time to gain impetus towards a general German language course in Warsaw or to practice with an experienced teacher selected aspects of German you haven’t mastered yet in spite of having achieved a certain level of proficiency.

Such an intensive German learning experience may bring many additional advantages to beginners. During an intensive German course, you learn German by the immersion method, which means that you listen to, use and focus solely on the foreign language as often as twice a week, 180 minutes each time. In such circumstances, it is much easier to switch from your mother tongue into German and, as a consequence, enhance the efficiency of learning!

How can you learn German if you are short of time?

Our customers often sign up for intensive German courses because they have found an attractive job offer abroad. If the recruiting company is in no hurry and ready to wait for a new competent employee, that’s great. Then, you are free to become proficient in German at a standard and optimal pace.

Unfortunately, companies that offer favorable conditions of work and pay often do not want to wait that long. That being the case, it is the intensive German courses that give a just recruited employee of a foreign company the opportunity to quickly prepare for the departure and their stay abroad.

Naturally, you shouldn’t expect a miracle to happen because within four-weeks, even during an intensive German course, you won’t manage to jump from the intermediate (B1) to the proficiency level (C2), for example. It is rather not possible either to suddenly learn several hundred new words and be able to use them fluently if you are learning from scratch. However, thanks to such an intensive program of German language learning in Warsaw you can make considerable progress in what you are currently learning, systematize your knowledge after a break from using German or simply tackle the issue in an effective way so that you can feel much more self-confident while starting your new job abroad.

Intensive German course – summary

Traveling to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, starting a new job in an international company or simply the desire to learn German are just some of the reasons why our customers eagerly choose intensive German courses in Warsaw.

They provide a form of learning which is definitely not suitable for those who prefer to learn at a leisurely pace with no time pressure and the additional effort resulting from it. However, we strongly recommend them to those who feel the need to acquire a large amount of language knowledge in no time – either because of some formal obligations or simply their own ambitions and plans. You can also feel encouraged if you’re an energetic and extroverted person who likes to act quickly and expects the results of their work here and now. Why? Because at einfach so! we are sure that after taking an intensive German course in Warsaw you will see the desired effects very quickly.