German language tutoring in Warsaw – einfach so!

German language tutoring in Warsaw

German language tutoring offers unique benefits to secondary school and university students that seek even higher level of proficiency. Standard curriculum not always meets expectations of students that wish to excel in German language. At schools and universities foreign language classes are often considered as only auxiliary to the main subjects. Big groups and plenty of top-down administrative work result in a learning environment where needs of each student can be easily overlooked.

German language tutoring fill in that gap whenever you need to prepare for a major test or seek ongoing support in your learning. Our German language tutoring combine one-to-one teaching with quality that can be found only in specialized language school!

1. Organization:
We set a schedule at the beginning of each month, and organize classes as often as you need – we are for you from Monday to Saturday, from morning to evening. 

2. Teaching resources:
We teach according to the curriculum in your school or at your university. We use dedicated textbooks, and we also prepare original training materials.

Online classes

The most convenient option – no commuting hassle and comfort of learning wherever you wish!

Home classes

The traditional personal tuition. Teacher visits you at your house so that you can learn face-to-face over a cup of tea!

For university students

Every student sometimes wonders how to pass this exam. Instead of burning midnight oil right before the big day you can rely on one of our lecturers that will see you through the next test. German language tutoring can save you plenty of stress and not only that!

For secondary school students

Professional support from the first steps of learning a foreign language can be decisive in the long term. Our lecturers will help you better understand the next chapter of your textbook, prepare for an exam or write an excellent essay!

Tutoring at a language school – so what?

Complex assistance with German according to the curriculum at your school or university. What we can assure you of is that we will make a firm commitment to achieving your educational goals with you. We really want you to make a progress and be satisfied with the effects of your learning. It’s as simple as that.

Our cooperation – in short:
You can count on a qualified teacher, who will be focused on you only.
 It’s absolutely up to you what you want to master. We can devote as much time as you need to any issue.
 We are happy to assist you with your homework and effective learning for tests or exams.
 You can attend classes on a regular basis or only when needed at a time and place convenient for you.
 Your German language tutoring in Warsaw features a flexible schedule that you arrange with your teacher.

How will you benefit from German language tutoring?

First of all, you will get professional assistance with understanding current lesson content and you will have a qualified teacher focused on you only at your disposal. At school or university, you usually cannot hope for an extremely complicated subject to be discussed for too long the teachers need to follow the curriculum and keep going with the lessons! In such a situation, German language tutoring gives you a chance not only to catch up but also to complement your regular lessons at school or university.

Getting German language tutoring in Warsaw will also give you the opportunity to receive the help of a professional teacher in a crisis, where you cannot cope with your current homework or do not understand the content for the coming test at all. In the school and university reality we live in, you probably don’t expect your teacher to devote an entire lesson to re-explaining to you a topic from a week ago or a grammar rule, the logic of which still doesn’t appeal to you for any reason. If you decide to take advantage of German language tutoring, you can ask your personal teacher to discuss any topic once again and you don’t need to worry that time is running out and you won’t get through with something.

Learning what you need at your own pace

The primary goal of the German language tutoring we offer is to assist you with your school or university learning content, but in the end, it is you who chooses what and when you want to learn. Our teacher can both help you prepare yourself for any upcoming test or catch up on topics from your textbook that were discussed long ago.

The main advantage of getting German language tutoring in Warsaw is the fact that your teacher is in no hurry, which is different than in the case of a teacher at school or university, who has to discuss predetermined content within a specific timeframe. Without this kind of pressure, you can learn in a much more relaxed way and each issue can be given as much time and attention as really needed.

Why German language tutoring and not a course?

German language tutoring allows for maximum flexibility – it is you who chooses the time and place of meetings, the learning content as well as the teaching methods to be applied. Do you need help writing good functional texts? Are you looking for someone who can explain the rules of German grammar to you in a clear and transparent way? Or maybe you just want to improve your pronunciation or speaking fluency? We give traditional tuition so that you can learn what you need most, assisted by an experienced and professional teacher.

Language courses are great when you want to learn a foreign language quickly and comprehensively, but even those with the maximally individual approach have their own laws. A structured and professional course follows a curriculum and, in this respect, it is similar to teaching at school or university, although the curricula may not correspond to each other. And this is exactly what the advantage of German language tutoring in Warsaw over the courses is about – it is a form of supporting the learner on their educational path they are following at school or at university, and not a completely new path to be followed parallelly. In addition, this form of learning allows the teacher to assist the learner irregularly, for example, before an important exam or whenever a specific subject requires a more considerable effort at home.